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Today’s discount and cashback programs are often not effective. The main goal is to give a price reduction and give the customer a positive feeling about the purchase, but often this goal is not achieved due to a slow refund process with possible side effects.

  • Customers need to wait before receiving the promised money
  • After a while the refund is disconnected from the initial purchase
  • Many complaints and low customer satisfaction


Bridgestone wants to avoid these possible side effects of traditional cashback programs.

A branded Cashback program enables Bridgestone to build a relationship with their customers on product reductions and payments. Consumers receive a reloadable, branded card that will be loaded with the cashback balance.

Bridgestone can leverage the discount or cashback campaign to a loyalty program.

The branded, reloadable cards are a great way to offer a tangible branded wallet that can be used at any location.

With the branded cashback card Bridgestone can now

  • Refund customers in days
  • Optimise reduction and discount programs
  • Do follow-up campaigns