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Prepaid Mastercards

Cardwise has a lot of experience in prepaid card programs. Today we help several companies in all aspects of launching prepaid card programs.

Branded programs go a step further, and give brands the possibility to focus on loyalty! A branded plastic credit card is used, so customers can spend the money anywhere in the world where MasterCards are accepted.

Cashback programs focus on discount & cashback, and are the fastest way to give money back to your customer. These programs use virtual, non-reloadable credit cards that can be used in any online store.

Online cashback card programs are marketing programs that combine the advantages of prepaid cards with discount and loyalty campaigns. It’s the #1 cashback solution for innovative consumer brands.

Expense management

Many companies still lose money on a daily base due to ineffective expense management. To tackle this problem, CardWise developed Xpenditure.

Xpenditure takes away the pain of reporting expenses for both employee & employer.

With our ground-breaking OCR scanning technology, receipts can be scanned with a smartphone, scanner or webcam. Xpenditure reads out all data and sends it to a web interface where reports can be made on the fly.

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